Summer Breeze

Hello dear followers, just had a big time of inactivity I am so sorry, too many problems on real life, I am with a depression but I am now being followed by a Psychologist and Psychiatrist and yeah... I am 22 years old, and my case got worse on November 2014, that's when I stopped coming here, since I had lost all the interest I had on my hobbies, and my family final noticed how bad I was... but this doesn't matter anymore, I am here now... and I promise that I will be more active! :)

When I logged in for the 1st time this year, what I did first? Ask to photograph this beautiful avatar, she was really nice to me, and I took this 3 really cute photos of her avatar, and that is how I will start again my journey on second life photography and life :p haha

See you soon! 


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